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Acupuncture Testimonials, Austin, Texas

Auto Immune Disease

"I have been seeing Ann regularly for about 5 years now. I have been treated for Auto Immune disease, sports injuries, seasonal allergies, GI issues and more. I have been diligent in following her recommendations of herbs to take and have had regular (2 times a week) acupuncture treatments routinely. She helps treat my acute issues, as well as the root cause and works with me on preventative care as well.

Ann is a wealth of knowledge and her own story is one of triumph and she is an inspiration. She is a patient and extremely caring woman, who has helped not just me, but my family and even friends and colleagues whom I have recommended go see her.

We are now working together to heal my mind and spirit - which are equally if not more important than the physical issues I face each day. I am excited to continue down this path towards healing and health, and I am extremely grateful to have her as my guide. "


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Interstitial Cystitis (IC)

" Last October, I was diagnosed with Interstitial cystitis. Most everything I read on the internet and advice from doctors was very discouraging and negative. I was told that this was something I simply had to live with and it could be managed with a medicine, something like a Pepto Bismol for your bladder, but the side effects were serious (like all of your hair falls out!) I also read that the most common side effect of IC was profound depression, so a support group would be necessary. I was in an extremely depressed state, as I was having to urinate about every 15 minutes. Even at night. So I was not sleeping much, which made everything in my life so much worse. I actually had thoughts of who I could ask to help me raise my two boys, because I wasn't sure I could do it much longer, feeling the way I did.

I finally called a friend of mine who is an MD, Dr. Philip Zbylot. He said, much to my disappointment, that he had not had much luck with improving IC in other patients. I was extremely despondent at this point because I had always gone to Philip as a last resort to fix whatever was wrong with me. He said he thought I should give acupuncture a try and recommended Dr. Ann Huynh. So I called her.

She returned my call that same day (I think it was a Sunday). She gave me some immediate instructions on nutritional recommendations and scheduled an appointment with me for the next day. By the time I made it to her office, I was a complete wreck. I sat on her table and she allowed me to cry as much as I needed. She told me she could not guarantee I would be cured, that IC is a very difficult condition, but that she would do her best for me. She told me I had to take responsibility in helping with the healing process, meaning I needed to follow certain diet restrictions, take Chinese herbs, in addition to the acupuncture treatments.

She treated me with acupuncture and I have to say that my condition improved after just that first treatment. I was probably about 30% better immediately. I saw her twice a week for the first month, and I got about 10% better each time. After about two months, my condition was barely noticeable. I continued to see her just to be sure I had it under control, and because I felt the treatments helped me with other problems. After about six months, I ceased to have any noticeable pain and felt better overall.

I still see her for overall health issues. She has successfully treated me for hormonal imbalances that were causing me to have night sweats. She has treated me for lower back pain - after one treatment I went from feeling like an 80 year-old to a teenager!

She is patient and asks questions about your whole life, not just the current, most outstanding symptom. I have always appreciated how much time she spends with me and always feel like she really cares about my overall health and happiness. That goes a long way towards the healing process, and I hate to admit it, but that is rare in my experiences with most doctors.

I am very happy to write this testimonial in hopes of helping other women who may suffer from IC. I want them to understand that this is NOT a condition that we just "have to live with." It is absolutely treatable and acupuncture CAN help. I give Dr. Huynh my highest recommendation and I hope you will consider sending any IC patients to her. "

Jane Ann P.
Computer IT

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Interstitial Cystitis (IC)

"My name is Ronda and I have suffered from interstitial cystitis since I was in my early 40's and I am 63 presently. My IC would go into remission at times but for the past 13 or so years it has tortured me relentlessly.

Through the years I have been to several urologists including specialists. I have had my bladder scoped 3 times verifying that I do have IC. The doctors have always sent me home with little hope for a cure or treatment. None of the doctors really seemed interested in counseling me.

I was hopeless until about 3 months ago. It was a God send when a I met a woman on a walk here in our little town of Llano. We visited for a while. She asked me if I could walk with her the next morning and I explained that I have to just see how I feel every morning. I told her I have IC. Anyway, she has had IC for years. It was great to meet another woman who could understood the disease and relate. My new friend was thrilled to tell me about her acupuncturist in Austin who turned her life around, curing her of the torment of IC. I have always been skeptical of acupuncture but I was at the point of trying anything. I immediately called Ann and made an appointment.

Ann, during my first appointment pretty much started changing my life. She counseled me for about an hour before the treatment. Ann emphasized how stress can affect all the organs in my body. My first marriage of 25 years was very volatile which brought about years of destructive stress. I was still carrying so much of that stress. Ann has taught me to concentrate on the moment I'm living. She has also taught me to meditate. I had a hard time living in the moment and meditating at first. I had a hard time slowing my brain down. During each appointment Ann continues to counsel me.

I have had 12 sessions with Ann and She has given me my life back. My family and close friends have seen the change in me. My demeanor is calmer and more peaceful. I still have to pay attention to my diet due to the IC but I can eat a lot more of a variety of foods than I use to.

Overall, Ann has compassionately guided me to a new way of living. I could go on and on about how Ann has helped me with a life of IC. I've prayed for years to be relieved of IC. Ann is an answer to prayer."

Ronda I.

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Interstitial Cystitis (IC)

"I was diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis (IC) or Painful Bladder Syndrome about 6 months ago after many urine tests by my OB/Gyn, a scope of my bladder by my Urologist and multiple visits to my PCP. The bladder looked healthy but I had been experiencing UTI symptoms without any infection for about two years off and on. As anyone who has had a bout of IC knows, these symptoms are scary, quite painful and lingering. It is even more frightening to hear a doctor tell you that "there is really nothing that you can do but learn to live with it".

My chiropractor, who also happens to be my son, Dr. Zach Foreman (Experience Chiropractic), referred me to Ann Huynh at AcuHerbia and I have been seeing her each week for acupuncture since the time of my scope. Dr. Z and Ann have a similar approach to wellness and their treatments work extremely well together. Ann specializes in pelvic floor conditions and combines not only acupuncture but also nurture and wisdom at each appointment. Ann's approach is holistic and positive which really drew me in initially and keeps me coming back. After addressing my stressors, Ann asked me about my diet and exercise. She emphasizes a balanced lifestyle where tranquility and kindness are key and also encourages a team plan (Physical Therapy, Chiropractic, medical...)

In truth, I have had peaks and valleys, especially in the beginning of my treatment. I have had to learn to breathe deeply and to let things go that I cannot control. I am learning not to allow stress to take center stage life and to recognize when it starts trying to steal my joy. I highly recommend that anyone seeking relief from pelvic conditions contact Ann at AcuHerbia. I have been symptom free for several months at this time."

Jennifer Foreman
Teacher/School counselor

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Interstitial Cystitis (IC)

"I first saw Ann seven months ago for interstitial cystitis. I had been having severe bladder pain for about 1 month and hadn't seen any improvement. Prior to this, I had experienced similar pain 1 year and 6 months earlier. The pain was similar to that of a UTI but definitely very different.

I saw many specialized medical doctors including a gynecologist, urogynecologist, urologist, and two allergists and underwent multiple urine analysis/cultures, blood tests and an MRI, but all of these procedures and tests left me with no answers. I felt very confused and full of anxiety.

I am just so thankful to have found Ann who is a caring and knowledgeable doctor. Ann believes in a holistic treatment approach and has treated me with a combination of acupuncture, herbs and dietary adjustments. I'm incredibly happy to say that Ann's treatment has relieved most of the pain. It has been a gradual but steady improvement. I am still seeing her for maintenance treatment."

N. P.

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Interstitial Cystitis (IC)

"I have been working with Ann Huynh for three months now after receiving a diagnosis of Interstitial Cystitis. The Urologist prescribed an elimination diet, daily meditation, pelvic floor therapy, and medications. I immediately started daily meditation, diet and PT, but did not want to take the medications due to side effects. I began a search for an acupuncturist who treated IC. This is when I found Ann. I am now pain free, I am not taking any medications, and I am feeling healthy. Before treatment, frequency was a problem both day and night. I have gone from 12-15 times a day to 7-8. Nighttime frequency before treatment was 3 times a night and is now once a night. Ann is also treating me for chronic pain in my neck and back which is helping to reduce the inflammation.

Over the years, I have turned to acupuncture to treat chronic sinus infections, reflux, celiac Disease, and as a monthly maintenance therapy following neck surgery, all with great success and eliminating the need for antibiotics, antacids, and pain meds. I was very fortunate to have found very skilled acupuncturists while living in the Midwest. Since moving back to the Hill Country, I feel very fortunate to have found Ann. She is very skilled, and really cares about her patients. I will continue with monthly visits to stay healthy.

I highly recommend Ann Huynh to anyone experiencing Interstitial Cystitis(IC) or other health issues and searching for a holistic approach to their care. I also want others to know that you can take charge of your health, be diligent in following Ann's recommended care, and live a happier, healthier life."

Dietitian, Retired

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Interstitial Cystitis (IC)

"I had symptoms of interstitial cystitis and was experiencing pain, urgency to urinate, burning and some urinary retention. It seemed like I had a constant UTI but my cultures were always negative, often with blood and/or leukocytes present in urinalysis. It depleted my energy and made it difficult to function in many ways. I read in an interstitial cystitis support website that acupuncture can help with I.C. so via an internet search I found Ann Huynh which was a gift because she specializes in treating I.C. What a relief to find a skilled practitioner for this condition in the Austin area.

I'll never forget Ann's compassion with me upon my first phone call at 9pm when she surprised me by answering her phone - I was expecting an answering machine. I was in a desperate state and about to travel (when I.C. can worsen), and she told me to come in the next morning and treated me before I left. I wanted to cry and hug her because she gave me hope, I felt very alone and scared with the situation. When I returned, I saw her on a regular basis until my symptoms went into remission. I am so grateful to have found a skilled clinician who knows how to treat this very complex and misunderstood condition. Rest assured you will be in excellent care with Ann if you too are suffering from I.C. symptoms."

Katherine H.

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Prostate Health Issues

"I have been going to Ann Huynh for Acupuncture treatments for about one year. The treatments were related to side effects from four prostate surgeries for prostatitis and prostate stones.

Following every prostate surgery, I experienced a "burning sensation" in my penis with every urination. After the last surgery, the burning sensation did not go away. Ann's first acupuncture treatment fixed the "burning" urination problem, which has not re-occurred. I also received treatment by Ann for nocturia-frequent night-time urination. This condition is due to prostate inflammation. I used to" wake-up" to urinate three to five times a night. Now, urination is usually once a night.

The health issues Ann has successfully treated me include improving breathing in my upper respiratory lobes. Jogging no longer results in "Gasping for air""

W. M.

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Chemotherapy Side Effects

"My husband was diagnosed with multiple myeloma cancer and went through chemotherapy (October-December 23, 2019) and a stem cell bone marrow transplant & melphalan chemotherapy (January 2020). These treatments saved his life, however, the chemo and medications caused serious prolonged side effects like neuropathy, edema, and diarrhea. One year after his stem cell transplant (January 2021), we found out he is in remission! However, he would still have to take Revlimid chemo drug for two more years. Thus, he continued to have these side effects. Despite trying different medicines and remedies, he could not get relief.

In April 2021, I started to receive acupuncture from Dr. Huynh for my insomnia, anxiety, and neck pain. My husband noticed what a difference she made for me and asked if she could help his neuropathy, edema, and diarrhea.

Dr. Huynh has made such a significant difference for both of us! Before her care, my husband and I tried many things to counteract our suffering. However, I have realized that those medicines and remedies were never going to work, because they only treat the symptoms and not the root causes of medical conditions. We needed treatment that was wholistic. Dr. Huynh is effective, because she treats the whole body, not just the symptoms. She used acupuncture and herbs to treat and solve the root causes of our systemic problems. It has been 5 months since our first treatments, and I have been consistently sleeping well and my anxiety is gone, and I don't have to take any OTC or prescription medications. Plus, Dr. Huynh has effectively treated my husband's neuropathy, edema, Charlie horses, and diarrhea, even though he is still having to take Revlimid, one of the chemo drugs that cause these side effects!

I am so thankful to Dr. Huynh, and I highly recommend her for any medical condition."

Laurie and Jeff Hunter
Austin, Texas

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" Osteoarthritis can be a very painful and debilitating disease! And, many people are suffering unnecessarily! I was first diagnosed with the disease at the age of 25, and for over 40 years have been treated with anti inflammatory prescriptions -- Viox, Celebrex, Mobic, etc. -- all powerful drugs! The side effects of those drugs finally caught up, compromising my kidneys and liver, causing hospitalization two years ago! Shortly afterwards, I was introduced to Ann Huynh at her clinic, and started treatment, along with physical therapy, for a very painful herniated lumbar disc and compressed sciatic nerve. During the first month of treatment, I mentioned to Ann about the painful arthritis throughout my body, and the concerns I had for side affects of being on prescription anti inflammatory drugs for so many years. She immediately responded with a "yes!" to my question if she had any herbs and/or other alternative treatment that could help! I started immediately on anti inflammatory as well as other herbs, and within two months was completely "weaned" off the prescriptions! Ann, also, gave one acupuncture treatment in my problem knee -- no cartilage after arthroscopic surgery seven years prior -- and I have been completely free of pain!

It has been years since I have felt so good! Both of my sons have met and thanked Ann for taking such good care of their mother, and insist that I will always be under Ann's care! Ann is, also, treating my full body circulation and several other "conditions." I rave about Ann to my family and friends all the time, and many of them have been and still are her patients!

I had the pleasure of meeting Ann's husband about a year ago, and the subject gravitated to Acupuncture! He is a highly educated and experienced electrical engineer, and gave an interesting analogy of Acupuncture. He said, "We don't know why electricity works, but we know it does. Acupuncture follows the same concept .... it just works!" Through Ann sharing with me some of her extensive knowledge of physiology and Oriental medicine and how and why it works, I have personally learned so much and developed complete trust in her ability and desire to make and keep me healthy! Whenever I refer someone to Ann for care and treatment, she promises she will do her best for that person, and I KNOW she will because of what she has done for me.

One morning, several months ago, another patient and I were waiting for our appointments when a gentleman came out of a treatment room. As he was leaving the clinic, he turned to us and said, "She is the best! I've had very severe and painful conditions that no Western doctors could treat, or knew what to do; but, Ann is treating and curing every condition I have!" This is a man who not long before was about to write his obituary!

Thank you, Ann, for your compassionate, knowledgeable and professional care for your patients! You Are the best ... and truly loved and appreciated!"

Sue K.

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Preventive care and general health issues

"I have been going to Ann Huynh for about five years or so. Through out the years she has helped me in so many ways hopefully I mention them all. She has helped me with constipation, pain management, muscle pain to weight loss and so much more. Ann is a very companionate women who knows her business well. If she didn't I would not have gone to her for so long for acupuncture treatment. If you are suffering from some type of body pain, or body malfunction I recommend you call Ann at 512-731-3363 and make a consultation appointment with her. She is the only person I know of in the acupuncture field that knows so much about the body and can fix any body problems related to illnesses to pain and so much more. I have recommended her to my friends and family members for treatment when they ask me if I know of anyone who does acupuncture. I trust her just as much as I do my own primary doctor. Thanks Ann for all you do to help me with all my ailments. "

Debbie M.

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Hemorrhoid/Gallbladder Issues

"When I reached pre-menopause, Ann treated me for a painful and persistent hemorrhoid problem with acupuncture and herbs she formulated for this condition and the hormonal and general condition associated with it, and cured it. Ann is an expert of feminine problems, among other things, and is helping me with my transition. As an important part of her therapy, Ann makes detailed nutritional recommendations and offers support, wisdom and kindness, --always with great energy. Her holistic approach is very effective. She spared a friend of mine the need for gallbladder removal, and cured his condition with acupuncture, a special diet she recommended, and herbs. Ann is full of humanity, and she will address the medical issues with honesty, and won't hesitate to recommend conventional medicine when appropriate. Her treatments are a perfect complement to surgery, and help with recovery and pain management. I am very grateful for her help."

Valerie C.

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Neck Pain/Pinched Nerve, Ouch!

"Ann Huynh is the epitome of acupuncture and holistic treatments helping to identify and cure problems and maintain a healthy body. I had a pinched nerve in my neck with severe pain behind the shoulder blade and down the arm to the fingers. After five weeks of physical therapy and no relief, I had to do something else. With some apprehension, I decided to try acupuncture. Ann was recommended. Ann treated the pinched nerve and effectively removed all pain. Since most people want to quit treatments after the pain is treated, Ann recommended the holistic method to maintain a stable and healthy body. Therefore, I have continued treatments and never regretted doing so. Because of Ann's remarkable knowledge and function of all of the body parts, I look forward to the treatments learning how to treat my body, by managing my diet, stress and physical activities better. The holistic approach has stabilized my body in many ways.
Please do not have any apprehension about trying acupuncture and the holistic methods. You will find them extremely helpful toward producing a healthier and meaningful life. Again, believe me, Ann Huynh is the best there is to treat our health conditions. "

Al M.

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Holistic Approach Works!

"I cannot say enough wonderful things about Dr. Huynh. I went to her as a last resort for a long list of symptoms that no western doctor or specialist could diagnosis. Within minutes of talking to Dr. Huynh, (just over the phone), she knew exactly what was going on and said she could offer relief from a very hot body temperature, aching joints, weight gain, digestive issues and stress. I physically felt better after the first visit and found so much comfort in my discussion with her on the cause of my symptoms and what we could do to cure the cause not just treat the symptoms. Dr. Huynh is well educated and experienced in Traditional Chinese Medicine and has an excellent understanding of western medicine and western approaches to treating medical issues, I only wish I would have gone to her sooner, her holistic approach works!"

Kim K.

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"With no warning, I suddenly had 10-13 bouts of daily urgent diarrhea. Multiple stool tests and rounds of blood work taken over 3 months showed no cause. My GP would not prescribe anything to stop the diarrhea until he knew more. By the time I met Ann, it was 3 months later and I'd lost about 7 pounds. I was exhausted and in a seriously weakened condition.

Ann came highly recommended by a friend. I've never experienced acupuncture before. Ann was kind and gentle. She explained the process, and what she was going to do. She asked excellent questions, not just about my current symptoms and situation, but also about my diet, exercise, and job. She asked to see my tongue, and said "I was very, very sick". I knew she was right. All I could seem to retain, by that point, was liquid electrolytes, plant based vitamins and fat free chicken broth. And I was sleeping. That was all I could manage.

After my first acupuncture treatment with Ann, I went home and slept for about 12 hours. I woke up the next day and had a regular bowel movement. I couldn't believe it. I was stunned. I called my sister to tell her about this most amazing thing that just happened in my life. Over the next month of treatments with Ann, and as I took the herbs and ate the foods she recommended, the diarrhea became less, with a normal movement every now and again. The cramping stopped.

Ann adamantly encouraged me to continue working with my family doctor and other medical specialists, explaining that a resolution would best be found with a combination of treatments, both hers and traditional western medicine. I had a Colonoscopy. The pathology report showed collagenous colitis. I'm now, as a short term solution, on steroids and prescription medication. The "hope" is that my colon can heal itself from my over-active immune system that attacked it. That's how I understand it, anyway.

And I continue to see Ann, because what I do know for sure - - - is that Ann Huynh is amazing. She turned my situation around. I was in fear for my life. She didn't waste any time. She got right to work. And her results were effective beyond anything I've ever experienced. I strongly and highly recommend Ann Huynh."

Martha O.

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Carpal Tunnel

"I was diagnosed with Carpal tunnel syndrome about ten years ago, but had never experienced pain with it and controlled the tingling and numbness with exercises. On Christmas Eve 2011, I woke up in the middle of the night with excruciating pain in both hands. I saw a hand surgeon who told me I had two options: steroids or surgery. Neither option was very appealing.

A couple of days after seeing the surgeon, I woke up in the middle of the night thinking "acupuncture"! Now, you have to understand I am a woman of a certain age who has had three children and several surgeries, and has never watched myself receive an injection or have blood drawn. In addition, I have never watched any of my children get a shot or vaccination, and I cringe when the TV reporters insist on airing reports about mass vaccinations before school begins. To say I am "needlephobic" is an understatement.

The morning after I had this thought, I gave Ann Huynh a call and saw her the next day before I could change my mind. Her calming presence eased my fears of the needles, and her caring demeanor made me realize immediately how she treats the whole person, not just a "quick fix" for the symptoms. I am pleased to say that after the first treatment, I could tell a difference. After two or three weeks, the pain was gone and the tingling was much better.

A few months before I called Ann, a friend who has seen her for pain from arthritis among other things had asked if my husband had tried acupuncture for a neurological condition he has. Skeptical of alternative medical treatments, I politely told her no, he hadn't, and I thought to myself that he probably never would. However, her praise of Ann was so sincere that she planted the seed in my mind. I am very grateful to my friend for recommending her, and I will be forever grateful to Ann for her compassionate treatment which has freed me from the intense pain and has drastically reduced the irritating tingling and numbness in my hands. I would recommend her to anyone who is living with carpal tunnel syndrome.

Oh, yes, and my husband who I thought would probably never see Ann--he has been going to her for several months. Although his condition is complicated and may take a long time to improve significantly, we have seen positive signs in some of the symptoms. Her dedication to providing a better life for her patients has been a blessing to both of us. "

Bunny O.

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"Ann Huynh really saved my life. I had a skin rash(Eczema) for ten years, and went to many many doctors. Most of them wanted to put me on antibiotics, even though I had no infection. Most of the rest wanted to put me on steroids, which cover up the problem, and eventually kill the patient with side effects. A few years ago, the rash was so bad that I had to cover it with linen bandages to absorb the fluids leaking out of it, and wear long sleeve shirts and long pants to hide the bandages. I kept insisting that I did not want to take drugs without a diagnosis. The doctors said to go see a dermatologist. The dermatologists also recommended to me both antibiotics and steroids, without knowing what was causing the problem. They told me such a severe rash would lead to a deadly staff infection. Finally, I found my acupuncturist, Ann Huynh, who said she knew what was going on and could help me, but it would take a while as it took awhile to come on. She said my gall bladder and liver were not effectively cleaning toxins out of my system, and she would work to heal them. She suggested some changes in my diet, gave me herbs, and treated me with the needles and very soon I began to see improvement. Now I am rash free and able to live a normal life. I recommend Dr. Huynh to anyone seeking improvements in their health, especially anyone wishing to avoid toxic treatments for their symptoms."

Janet G.

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Otitis and Mastoiditis

"I love Ann Huynh! She cured me of a bad case of chronic otitis media and mastoiditis after two years of torture by western doctors of medicine. When they could not kill it with antibiotics and steroids, they recommended surgery. Ann took a personal interest in curing me and urged me to continue with doctors for tests and evaluations, while she boosted my immune response with acupuncture and herbs. She also directed my diet and other aspects of my road to health. She took a holistic approach to my problem, treating the cause of my illness and also the symptoms. When I was depressed, she gave me spiritual encouragement and hope. I feel better now than I have felt in years. Thanks you, Ann Huynh!"

Brent H.

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Hormonal Imbalance - Menopausal Symptoms

"About three months ago I had a conversation with a friend. We were talking about hot flashes and I complained that mine had become terribly worse in recent months. She referred me to Ann and thank goodness she did! It used to be that I'd just have night sweats with an infrequent and manageable hot flash during the day. But then I started to flush and sweat throughout the day, often at the most embarrassing of times (such as in a meeting!). I knew I had to do something and hormone replacement was not an option I'd consider given some not so positive experiences with birth control pills in years past. Having had acupuncture about fifteen or so years ago for chronic hip pain and having that pain simply disappear after treatment, I was certain that acupuncture could help me again. So, following my friend's guidance, I called Ann. First off, let me state that Ann has a wonderful bedside manner. She exhibits a genuine caring and interest not just for your immediate need but for how you live your life and how that contributes to how you feel now. To her, the "whole" of you is relevant, not just the symptoms that brought you to her office. She understood immediately that I was not just having hot flashes, but that I led a stressful life (mostly of my own creation, admittedly) and that that was contributing to my symptoms. And she treated me accordingly... not just sticking needles in to manage hot flashes but also treating stress and other menopausal symptoms. Thanks to Ann, and her combination of acupuncture and herbal supplements, my hot flashes and night sweats are mostly gone. In terms of stress reduction, I actually nap while in her office and that quietness and calmness stays with me throughout the day and beyond. Thank you, Ann."

R. H.

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Allergies and Sinusitis

"I was diagnosed with multiple allergies, chronic sinusitis and adrenal issues for many years. I went through surgeries and endless treatments with steroids and medicines with very little success. At first, I was skeptical about the outcome of the acupuncture. After a few sessions with Ann, the severity of my symptoms significantly improved and I have not had my sinus infection again. The thin acupuncture needles did not bother me at all. Ann used very unique techniques and very specific herbs. Her outstanding clinical approach and very caring personality produced excellent results. I highly recommend her clinic for its proven success."

Sofia W., L.P.T
Physical Therapist

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"In the summer of 1995 I was diagnosed with a herniated disk and underwent two back surgeries within a month of each other. I recovered well after the second operation but a few years later I started having low back pain. Thanks to regular acupuncture sessions I have been able to live a normal life free of pain and limitations. Twice in the last five years I experienced recurrences of low back pain following periods of lack of vigilance and unwise physical endeavors. During both episodes I turned to Ms. Ann Huynh for acupuncture treatment and herbal therapy and within days I was gratified with amazing results. The relief was almost immediate: the pain subsided. I recovered my mobility and was able to resume my daily activities. After about two weeks of treatment I was totally pain free and back to normal. I saw Ms. Huynh twice the following month and continued on a monthly maintenance plan. I am still having an acupuncture session once a month and I have not had any back pain.

Recently, I accidentally strained my back while trying to remove a large box from the back seat of my car. The sciatic pain was intense shooting straight through my leg and I could not stand straight. Once again Ms. Ann Huynh gave me her best and, complementing acupuncture with other therapeutic modalities, she literally put me back on my feet by the end of the first treatment session. After three additional daily acupuncture sessions and just two weeks of bi-weekly sessions I achieved full recovery without any steroid shot or anti-inflammatory medication. Thanks to Ms. Huynh's thorough and efficient course of treatment I was able to timely go on my scheduled trip to Paris and sit through the ten hour flight without any difficulty. My ten hour return flight to Austin two weeks later was also uneventful. I highly recommend Ms. Ann Huynh for her treatment of sciatica and back problems.

I am grateful for the exceptional care I have always received from Ms. Ann Huynh. Her compassion and dedication to her patients' wellbeing combined with her holistic treatment approach and her strong clinical expertise in the fields of Herbology and acupuncture ensure unequaled quality of patient care."

Thuy-Nhi M.

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Wellness Care

"At the time I met Ann I was developing problems with high blood pressure and occasional numbness in my right leg. I was also on hormone replacement therapy and had difficulty losing weight even though I exercise and avoid junk foods. Since I've been getting acupuncture treatments and health advice from Ann my blood pressure is back to normal, the numbness is gone, and I've lost 20 pounds. My friends are astounded at how much my appearance and health has improved. Ann has affected my life and health in such a meaningful and positive way, I can't recommend her highly enough."

Susanna M.

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Neuropathy Disorder

"I give thanks to God and Dr Ann Huynh for helping me with my illness. I was very depressed and had strong anxiety attacks that caused my body to shake uncontrollably which affected my ability to walk. Thanks to acupuncture I no longer need a walker or cane. I have started driving again and I am back to my normal person. Again, thanks to God, Ann, and acupuncture.

Le doy gracias a dios y a la doctora Ann Huynh por aberme ayudado con mi enfermedad. Yo padecia de unos tenblores muy fuertes que me dejaron ansiosa y con una deprecion muy fuerte que quede que no podia andar. Gracias al acupunctura que ella me daba, deje el andador y el baston, ya puedo andar bien, y ya hasta he comenzado a manejar mi troca. Tambien recupere mi peso normal. Gracias otra ves a Ann y al acupunctura. "

Lupe T.
Kyle, Tx

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"La doctora Ann le dio tratamiento para mi esposa para su circulación, y para su higado. A mi también me dío tratamiento por que yo, sin darme cuenta, tenía la azucar en 400 mg aunque yo no sentía signos ni sintomas hasta que un dextroxtis me di cuenta. La doctora Ann me dío un tratamiento y otro de acupunctura y hoy día me mantengo entre 125 - 130 mg. Gracias a dios y a la doctora Ann, me mantengo en las cifras mencionadas. Para mi, la doctora Ann tiene un gran corazon y es por eso que le tengo mucha confianza."

Felipe F.
Mecanico de Autos

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